Six Month Smiles® Braces

If you’re looking for straighter teeth in less time, Six Month Smiles® braces could be the perfect solution for you. Six Month Smiles® is a revolutionary new orthodontic treatment that can correct your teeth by the time you have to come in for your next dental check-up!

Wondering how it can work so fast? Six Month Smiles uses innovative nickel-titanium wires to straighten only the front teeth. These teeth are sometimes referred to as “the social six” because they’re the ones that are visible when you smile. Rather than extending treatment time with adjusting the back teeth that are not visible, Six Month Smiles can work faster to improve just what your smile actually looks like.

Six Month Smiles can fix crowding, spacing, crookedness, and more. Better still, these cosmetic braces are not like your traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. Instead, Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, making them nearly invisible. It’s possible that some people won’t even notice that you’re undergoing an orthodontic procedure!

The Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Girl has Six Month Smiles Braces in Louisville

There are many benefits to getting Six Month Smiles:

  • Average treatment time is just 6 months
  • Barely noticeable brackets and wires
  • Low forces make them more comfortable than metal braces
  • No need to affect natural tooth structure like with veneers
  • Fewer office visits required for adjustments
  • Affordable option compared to other orthodontic treatments

We also think that the boost in confidence you’ll feel with a beautiful, straight smile is a major plus!

If you’re interested in Six Month Smiles, we invite you to visit our practice for a consultation with Dr. Ward to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate. During this consultation, we’ll discuss what you would like to fix about your smile and determine the necessary tooth movements and treatment time to get you there.

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