Invisalign vs. Six Month Smiles

Many of our patients want straighter teeth but don’t want to suffer through months of braces. Luckily, new orthodontic treatments make it easier than ever to get that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Gone are the days of “metal mouth”: there are new options for straightening teeth that are not only faster, but also nearly […]

How Preventative Dentistry Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Some people might avoid visiting the dentist at all costs. They forego regular checkups, cleanings, and X-rays, and they only come in when they’re in pain or something serious happens. While they think they’re cutting dental expenses, all they’ve really done is put it off for a time and maybe even run up more costly […]

Skip Dental Insurance with Our Dental Savers Plan

Are you skipping routine dental care, or, even worse, avoiding needed treatments due to the cost of dental care and a lack of dental insurance? Are you having trouble fitting dental care into your family’s budget? Middletown Commons Family Dental can help. We want to make dental care affordable for everyone, whether they have insurance […]

Could Botox Treat Your TMJ Nightmare?

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) is one of the more common oral afflictions that we see here at Middletown Commons Family Dental. It’s a jaw condition that can be caused by a variety of things, from bruxism (the grinding of teeth) to arthritis. We see it in many of our patients with symptoms including, but not limited to: jaw popping or […]

Is Your Smile Aging You? Here are 3 Tricks to Change That!

When you think of anti-aging techniques for your face, you often consider creams, lotions and pills to help reverse the aging process. But you may not always consider that the appearance of your teeth can make a big difference in how young you look. As you age, your teeth become more worn-looking and discolored, which […]